BY jackthomasTER 

I have hobbied for about 6 years and seen 70+ girls. I have seen Natash on average once a month since I first met her in November of 2012. Among the girls I have seen multiple times, including several ATF's, Natsha is the only one who has never had an off time with me. We are not close friends, just hobbyist and provider. We don't know each other's real name or personal phone number. No favor has been offered on either side, just plain good service with high respect and professionalism on both sides. This meeting is no exception. After both showered, we kissed and explored every inch of each other's body. Long mutual oral, oral-hand activities followed. Covered MPFS lasted for about another 10 minutes until she cum with me on her back, cock in her pussy, a finger in her ass. But I was not done yet. I let her lay on top of me to take a break after the big O, but I kept my cock inside her. My hands softly caress her body while my cock made some very slow and gentle moves. After she recovered, we started the trip to Greek (this is YMMV. Don't except to get that on your first visit). She rode me CG with her hand play with her clit. She cum again and I still have nothing. We changed a cover and move to spoon position, that's where I finally cum. Since this is our two-year anniversary, I took her to the lobby bar after the meeting. We had a couple of drinks and hang out for another hour before said our good bye. (I dared to ask her for a drink after 20+ visits). I am writing this review not for this visit, it's for all the visits in the last 2 years. She has provided the best consistent services I have had, inside or outside the hobby.She doesn't play games and is very frankly with her feelings. You are guaranteed with great service if you treat her with respect and play by the rules


BY Dinobuzz TER 

Words cannot describe or place justice on the time i spent with Natasha. I had been trying to meet up with her and finally, after 2 years, i was able to meet her.

When she arrived, she is way much more beautiful than any of her pictures, and was she ever wearing such a sexy dress. When a woman comes to visit a client and dresses up, wears makeup, and is on time, it really adds to the experience and the fantasy and the eroticism. SHe definitely knows how to arouse and please a man. Non VIP, you will be more than satisfied...

As i mentioned, i had been trying to meet her for over 2 years, so there was more than the typical fun night on my mind, since there was a sense of anticipation and what was to come for me, after having spoken to her on the phone multiple times and hearing her voice, which is just enough to make you melt.

She is so sexy!!! i am just aroused right now thinking of her as i write this review. When she walked in and said hello, we immediately kissed and boy is she a great kisser. It was DFK from the get go. We kissed throughout the session. She is really GFE and when with her, i felt this was my girlfriend from high school or college. Just an incredible attraction between her and me. This really made me feel we were lovers in that after we undressed and she was on all fours on the bed, waiting for me to climb in, she saw that i took my pants and underwear off and she immediately jumped to remove her panties. I then got on bed with her and we kissed more, i cupped her perfect and beautiful and lucius buttocks with my hands while i caressed her perfect breasts and licked her nipples. I then put a finger to fondle her kitty and saw it was wet. She was then stroking me and told me she needed to have some dick. i told her i needed to eat her cat, so i went first and while doing so, it appeared she had an O, then she told me she had to sit on my face, and while doing so, it was 69. WHat an incredible BBBJ. she is my ATF now. Again, she had another O while 69 and she then told me she needed me to be in her. SHe then got the plastic and continued with BJ then got on CG, After a while of this, it appeared she had O again, i could definitely tell because she became very wet. i am telling you, she is completely free in her sexuality and she is liberated. she is the ultimate lover. i was so excited by her overall persona and beauty, we then went to k-9 and after a few minutes, i could not hold back and i spilled the first cup. Wow WHat an incredible love session. she cleaned up and came back in bed and we then kissed and she then started with a BBBJ again, wow, i thought, how aroused i was, she was actually able to get me to BBBJTCCIM. Again clean up and we talked, there were 10 minutes left and she wanted more, she tried for more BBBJ which was out of this world, and even though i came very close again, there was no third cup. I definitely recommend her and she is just such a lovely and kind human being. please be nice to her.


BY Rover2626 TER 

Natasha truly loves sex. She is a gem that deserves all the tender loving you can offer. Setting up with her was easy via email. She recently moved to CA from Texas and is currently looking for an incall location of her own. For now I met her at a hotel in LA. I was pleasantly surprised to see that see looks actually better than her photos. She wore a nice black dress and a smile on her face. This sex bomb gave me a hug and a kiss when I got inside. I gave her the donation and my gifts to her - a dozen red roses and a French Champagne. She thanked me with a DFK. Non VIPs, her kisses were a preview of what's to come - sensual, stimulating and erotic. She may be more expensive than many others but she is worth every penny and more. I forgot it was a service. Natasha is a true GFE that you'll never forget (has the tightest kitty I've had so far). So run, don't walk to her.

Her lips and tongue felt so soft and sensual I could be kissing her all day. She complemented me on my kissing skills. It felt good coming from a real live French hottie that too knows how to kiss. Her kisses made my toes curl. Next thing I know we were both naked and groping each other. I picked her up. She giggled and put her arms around my neck clinging to me while I carried this tiny little beauty to the bed and lay her down. Don't get me wrong, she may me tiny and thin but has curves where they count - superb breasts that are enhanced but done tastefully and looks real, her ass is just perfect, tight and round. 

I started with more DFKs, then kissing her neck, working my way down I sucked on her nipples and she moaned in the most sexy voice. I kissed and licked her all over and finally made my way down to her pussy. Now let me mention that I am very picky about DATY as I cannot stand even a hint of smell coming from the vagina. So I sniffed her kitty and it smelled fresh as can be. I started licking her pussy and dudes, it tasted awesome. She has the sweetest tasting pussy I have had so far. And she loved my DATY. I must have spent a good 20 minutes on DATY and she moaned and writhed and said sexy French words under her breath. I had no idea what she was saying but it sounded so sexy. As I tongue fucked her I must have hit the G spot and she yelled out, YES and reached O. Such a great turn on and ego boost for a guy. If I had all day I may have dined at the Y for an hour or more. But she wanted to switch to 69. So, while I put my finger (I could only fit one finger in her as she is very tight) in her pussy and licked and sucked on her labia and clit, she drove me nuts with ecstasy with her awesome BBBJ that included plenty of attention to the boys. After a while we started CG. She then suggested we do K9. Oooh that ass looked and felt sooo nice. I just had to kiss and lick that sweet ass first. I pounded her perfect butt for a while, then we started Mish. At one point I pick her up with my penis still inside her and we did it with me standing and holding her up. Such a great feeling and she is just the right size and weight to be able to do that. We finally went back to Mish and started pounding on her as she screamed and moaned in French until we both finally came. While I opened the Champagne Natasha cleaned me up with a warm towel. We then talked and she is so good at that too. She is a great conversationalist and made me feel like an old friend. I learned that she is a Philanthropist and does a lot of charity/volunteer work. What a good person, I thought. We found a lot in common between us. Then it was round two as she started with her amazing BBBJ, the Mish, K-9 and so on... In short, I felt like I was visiting my girl-friend. I paid for 90 minuted but she gave me close to 2 hours of her time. In my book she is a perfect 10 and I am a rather picky and hard to please guy. So RUN don't walk to see her. And guys, please treat her with respect and tender love. Not only because she is worth it but also because she'll treat you like a king. I can't wait to go back to see her.


BY hurrter TER 

I had seen Natasha previously but as a duo with Sandarah. Boys don’t walk but run to book these two talented vixens! I had been wanting to see Natasha individually but our schedules never matched except until now. Natasha was dressed in a sweet flowery dress that exposed her ....She looked simply gorgeous dressed like a tourist visiting from France.Non-VIPers - She is worth every penny and more...

I met her in the elevator and proceeded to DFK. This continued as we entered the room. Our hands begin to explore each others body. OMG I couldn’t breathe. I begin to pull down her top to find her lovely breasts waiting for attention which I most certainly did. We then moved to the bed where we removed our clothing and I laid her down and began to worship her body! Kissing and licking every inch of her beautiful body. She loved the attention I paid to her breasts as I worked my way down to her dripping opening which was so hot. I began a lengthy DATY session. She offered much encouragement along the way and let me know all the right spots. She ended in an explosion! I then moved up and our DFK session continued. She then moved slowly down my body paying attention to all the areas and then engulfed me. I must say I have never experienced all of the sensations that I did today. We then moved to 69 and I continued to finger play with both openings. She encouraged me to move back down to DATY and asked for some finger play and she exploded for a second time. We then switched around and I began to lightly face fuck her as I played with her opening. The sensation was unlike any other and I couldn’t hold it anymore and exploded in her mouth. It felt surreal and she took every drop. OMG! We took a little break and really connected on many levels and shared some common friends and interests. She then laid out all of her toys and picked her favorite. I then inserted her toy and began yet another DATY session. I was in my glory and she was rocking and moaning and once again spilled all over me. She then lubed up and sat on me and began to grind her wet opening over my growing member. After a few minutes she went back down and provided a great BBBJ. I was rock hard again. I asked to enter her and on went the cover and I proceeded to hammer her doggie while she pleasured herself with one of her toys. After a while we both couldn’t hold back and we released almost at the same time. I could feel her pulsating inside and lost my load deep inside her. Again, OMG. We continued to talk, kiss, cuddle and provided mutual massages. We both wanted one more round and I used her trusty vibrator, my fingers, and tongue to bring her to yet another O. She really appreciated the effort and offered many complements. I don’t ever recall so many Os in a session and I couldn’t believe how hot she is. She moved down on me and before I knew it I was hard again. Believe me this doesn’t happen very often and I had to take advantage. She covered me up and urged me to enter her anal which I most certainly did while she continued to play with her toys. What a feeling! After about 10 minutes, the feeling was so incredible that I lost it deep inside her for a third time. [Natasha has to be my ATF. This women is pure sexual energy and pleasure. She is the most sensuous and sexual person I have ever met. On top of this she is also a very sweet, caring, and extremely passionate person. This has to be the best experience I have had to date and I have had a few experiences.

Thank you Natasha and I will be back for more French kisses...Treat her well guys!


BY mnemonic222000 TER 

Let me just start by saying... WOW! Natasha easily makes it into my top 3 all time favorites and quite possibly is at the top of the charts. The entire package is to die for, the body, the attitude, the service, the accent... All I can say is WOW! After a little issue getting out date setup, Natasha came to the door of my hotel and wasted little time giving me a true French kiss while gently teasing my cock thru my pants.. It didn't take long before she was stripped down and was tearing my clothes off of me and giving me the wettest, sloppiest, and hottest blow job of my life... Between the spit, the stroking of my cock, the pinching of my nipples and the tickling and licking of my ass, I was at the edge of exploding the entire time.

It didn't take long before I was dying to be inside of this French muse, but I wanted to return the oral pleasure. Lets just say this lady is truly a fine French exotic, moaning and writhing while whispering small French phrases that made me even hotter. So on went the wrapper and up went her legs... We began slowly and before long I was plowing into her tight little cunt. She rolled onto her side so she could play with her clit and my ass at the same time, which brought me to the edge all too quickly. She whispered in her little accent "Where do you want to cum?" I told her "In your mouth.." With a sly grin she agreed with condition "Only if you kiss be afterwards", I paused, but was too far gone to argue... I took off the condom, slipped my cock into her mouth and deposited a HUGE load onto her tongue.. She glared up at me thru the top of her eyes and then came up to kiss me with the remains of my load still running down her chin and in her mouth. This quite possibly may have been the HOTTEST moment of my life.. She got out of the bed to freshen up and then gently laid down beside me to cuddle and talk for a minute. It wasn't long however before she was gently teasing my cock and my ass to bring me back to full attention. She went down on my again, and again gave me a blow job that I will not soon forget, and this time she rimmed me like you cannot imagine. I flipped her around to be able to taste her at the same time and returned the favor by tonguing her sweet little ass while she deep throated my cock. She really seemed to like the ass play so I made my move and slid 2 fingers deep in side her ass and 2 in her pussy... She giggled with excitement and I asked if she would be so kind to let me slide my cock into her hot little ass. She declined, but let me know it was on the menu for a longer session with more notice (something I plan on taking her up on). While disappointed, I was not about to let this dampen my spirits, so on went another rain-coat and I slid my cock deep inside her while she straddled me. It wasn't long before I wanted to see her ass so she flipped to reverse cow-girl and went at my cock like she was in a rodeo. I kept trying to stick a finger or thumb in her ass, but she was moving too fast to really get it going, so I flipped her to doggie style and began pounding her pussy with a thumb in her ass. She met my cock with each thrust, gently teasing my balls and taint with her nails, looking back over her shoulders with her devilish eyes. So hot you wouldn't believe it. Getting closer to cumming I wanted to play a bit more and see how she reacted so I pulled out and gently rubbed the head of my cock on her ass... She wriggled, she squirmed and she pushed back enough to just get the head in her ass and then she did the unthinkable, she pulled back and laughed "Next time"... It was such a tease, but she took my cock and slid it back in her pussy and really began pounding me doggie style. By now we were both drenched in sweat and our time was running out. I laid down so she could finish me manually and with a blow job. And if the beginning blow jobs were hot, this one was VOLCANIC.. She worked my cock with enough spit to lube 10 blowjobs. I could have sworn she had 4 hands, one was stroking my cock in time with her mouth bobbing, one was tugging at my balls, one was pinching my nipples and tickling my stomach, and one had 2 fingers firmly planted in my ass massaging my prostate. This was too much and again I erupted a huge load into her waiting mouth, and again she made sure to save some for me. The after was also incredible as we laid there and she gently ran her nails across my chest and stomach, gently rubbing my cock as it laid there from its performance. She again gently went down on my giving my half hard cock one last kiss and tug before she hopped up and got dressed. They say parting is such sweet sorrow, but that doesn't even begin to describe the moment when she left. I wanted her again, I wanted her all night, I wanted to tasted that sweet little ass and feel it wrapped around my cock. But alas she had to go. I think by now you can figure out what I think about this French beauty, but in case you wondering I'll sum it up like I began.. WOW!


BY the_mailman TER 

Knew I was coming into town. Scheduled with Natasha via contact form on her website a week in advance. Very responsive to scheduling and dealt nicely with the unexpected. Details below, but know this: I've been hobbying for 10 years in the DC area. I've seen amazing women. Natasha tops them all. Natasha showed up at my hotel room on time wearing a sexy full length dress. She would have been fine in a social situation but still looked as sexy as hell. I invited her in and.....Natasha and I knew we were going to get along from the emails we exchanged. She came in like a whirlwind. Clothes flew off before I could breathe. A wonderful bra and panty set underneath that dress was revealed. Natasha's DFK has to be experienced to be believed. Natasha and I knew we were going to get along from the emails we exchanged.She came in like a whirlwind. Clothes flew off before I could breathe. A wonderful bra and panty set underneath that dress was revealed. Natasha's DFK has to be experienced to be believed. We were both naked before I knew it and Natasha's perfect body was a sight in front of me. Nipples at attention, a shaved kitty already swelling and asking for attention.  Natasha treated me like a lover I hadn't seen for months, even though this was our first visit together. She tuned in on how I liked to be touched and allowed me to return the favor. Wrapped around each other we explored with our mouths mutually and hands roamed freely. Natasha played with my nipples, pinching and sucking. She pushed me back on the bed and worked her way down to my most sensitive and began a BBBJ that was delicate and dedicated. A joy that that sent tingles throughout my body. Natasha finished me there and classily brought a warm towel to clean me up. We chatted as I brushed her smooth skin with my hands and exchanged mutual massages while I recharged for round two. (Not a problem with the sexy intelligent woman in close proximity) Natasha will go as many times as you like. She had brought toys for herself at my request and we incorporated those into the mix for round two. I could worship her perfect labia for hours and she enjoyed the attention. We enjoyed every covered position there is, moving from missionary to cowgirl and then to a nice lazy doggie, both our favorites. Natasha's energy was limitless, I was taking a long time to finish and Natasha just kept thrusting back into me, letting me kiss her over her shoulder, taking all of me and riding wave after wave of cumming she was having. I finished again and then a third time as well with similar breaks. Nothing I asked was declined. Perfect sex, but just as good companionship. I could be captivated by Natasha forever. It's probably a good thing I don't live close by or I'd be seeing her every day.


BY BoneDawg TER 

She knows how to find out want you want and deliver it in a most unforgettable way. She was quite uninhibited and unintimidated by any suggestion made. She cared as much about pleasing as I cared about being pleased. I will remember our encounter for the rest of my life. She was alluring and affectionate from the beginning, touching and caressing without being crude. Her kisses were sensual and genuine. She didn't rush things and went at my pace. I didn't finish during intercourse, so she went down on me without removing anything or cleaning anything up and then made me finish on her face without being asked. She followed the orgasm through to the very end knowing exactly how to prolong it and make it most pleasurable. Before and after, her conversation was unforced, interesting, and sophisticated. She is very intelligent and knows a man's heart and mind.


BY barrysugar TER

Natasha is built and has the attitude to please. I called her number and she quickly replied. We exchanged a few emails and were set to go for the following night. There was never a doubt she would show up and provide clear communication. I am sure if you treat here with respect you will have a more than GFE experience. Take care her accent will drive you crazy. She is the best provider I have experienced for the complete package to date. She is the standard for me at this time. Natasha arrived ontime. She communicated well with me during her drive over. I hate to be stood up and I had not doubt she was cumming my way. I needed to meet her to let her into my floor of the hotel. This was fun. And our first meeting was great! We headed to the room together and she was ready for some french champagne. Natasha came to please. I told her I would like to get to know her more before we continued. She pointed to the bedroom but I suggest the sofa first. Next time I won't take it so slow. After about 45 minutes of great honest conversation about many topics we headed to the bedroom. She wanted to be more comfortable, so she took her clothes off. She brought a little bag with sexy clothes so if you like this she will come prepared. I was ready for more. She helped me get more comfortable and a few minutes later she was needing to provide her favorite bbbjtc but I wanted to please her first. So DATY I went and she will provide clear directions until her first of many Os. This girl loves her job. I am old fashion and enjoy pleasing the woman first before me. She wanted to focus on me, but I insisted to make it happen for her first. We were off to the races with several interesting doggie positions, mish and cg. She came numerous times in all of the above positions and DATY. She said I was the first of the week and needed it! Mondays are great guys. This all started with her providing a bjwoc then into 69 and then to straight DATY. After 45 minutes of all this she said she needed to do what she liked best a bbbjtc and yes it ended in a pure explosion that surprised her. She cleaned me up and more more more. She loves a special doggie position where she squeezes johnny tight tight. She actually was able to provide DFKs in doggie. Not sure but maybe she has extra vertebrae to make this happen. We finished up our session on forecast and on schedule. She suggested she to bring a friend and toys next time. I will have to limit the talk time when this happens. Till next time.


BY washdcarea TER

An amazing provider, ATF of all time, does not get any better. We met at a bar, went to the room after some dringks and the unforgettable, intense, passion started. Non VIPs- once in a lifetime experience.Where can I start... from the moment we walked into the room we started tearing off our clothes, kissing and then she started DT and gagging... we went through every imaginable position, alternative between oral, vaginal and anal. We started watching porn and I did her on a table. Wemoved to the sofa and turned her over for anal. We went to cg and then reverse cg while watching porn. She pulled me out and finished me with oral that ended in CIM. After we took a shower and again she was stroking me to hardness. She sucked my balls and gave me amazing oral. I turned her around and took her from behind finishing round 2. We went to bed and she began massaging me and then we mounted me with CG and reverse CG. I finsihed round three when she quickly sensed I was ready with another CIM. We lost sense of time and space. My legs were weak, bodies sweaty, sun came up and we were still going. I came four times and she took care of every load. Amazing, once in a lifetime. Take good care of her.